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Inledande tråd 1: Den 21 februari 2006 lyckades den syrienfödda Wafa Sultan röra om rejält i grytan, då hon via satellit debatterade mot Ibrahim Al-Khouli på den arabiska TV-kanalen Al Jazeera. Ämnet var Clash of Civilzations. En del av debatten kan ses här nedan.

Anledningen att Wafa Sultan rörde upp känslorna (klipp från hennes medverkan på Al Jazeera har setts av miljontals människor på Youtube) är lätt att förstå, med tanke på att sådana uttalanden är minst sagt ovanliga i arabvärlden:

What we see is not a conflict between the West and Islam, it is a conflict between Islam on the one hand and the rest of the world on the other, since Islam has divided the world into two parts, a Muslim one and a non-Muslim one. Dr. Ibrahim speaks of Christian missionary campaigns in Arab and African countries, why doesn’t he tell us what happens if a Bible is found in the pocket of a Christian man in Saudi Arabia? What happens to him?

Don’t Muslims practice their own beliefs in Western countries? Don’t they spread their religion in Western countries freely? What will you do to a Western man preaching his religion in your country? Why don’t you treat people in the same way you would like them to treat you?
Respect from others is a right you earn through your own efforts, it is not something that is bestowed upon you. The Jews emerged from a tragedy and forced the world to respect them not through terrorism, but through their science and not their screams. Humanity owes most of the discoveries and science of the 19th and 20th century to Jewish scientists. Fifteen million scattered in the Diaspora managed to regroup and attained their rights through work and science. We have not seen one Jew blow himself up in a German restaurant, we have not seen one Jew destroy a church, we have not seen one Jew object to anything by murdering people.

Muslims reduced three statues of Buddha to dust; we did not see one Buddhist burn a mosque or kill a Muslim or burn a church or an embassy. Muslims alone defend their religion by burning churches, murdering people, and tearing down embassies. Such a method will not yield any results. Muslims must ask themselves: what can they offer mankind before they ask mankind to respect them? What the Danish artist did may have been unacceptable because transgressing sanctities is unacceptable, but freedom of expression and criticism are the holiest of sanctities. The Danish artist did not express any religious authority or political authority but merely expressed his own thoughts. A Muslim finds it hard to grasp this fact because Islam as a state and a religion does not allow him to overstep the boundaries of the religion, and in this state of things, an individual’s opinion is the majority’s opinion and thus he cannot soar in his thoughts beyond the limits circumscribed by the majority.
In the West, the situation is entirely different. An individual has the right to express his own opinion completely apart from the opinions of religious and political authorities. This is a point that Muslims find difficult to understand. When they burn an embassy, they are not taking revenge on an artist but on a state that the artist does not represent; still they are unable to catch on to this fact because they do not enjoy that freedom.

Inledande tråd 2: Igår nådde en ”aktivistbåt” fram till Gazaremsan:

Lasten på båten Dignity (Värdighet) består enligt arrangören av mjölkersättning till barn och läkemedel. Det är femte resan som organisationen ”Befria Gaza” gör den här hösten.

”Befria Gaza” är ett gemensamt projekt mellan olika propalestinska organisationer, bl a ISM.

Några "aktivister" från ISM fraterniserar med några "aktivister" från Al Aqsamartyrernas brigader.

Några "aktivister" från ISM fraterniserar med några "aktivister" från Al Aqsamartyrernas brigader.

En av dem som åkt båt till Gaza under Befria Gazas flagg är amerikanskan Greta Berlin, gift med en palestinsk man från Safed:

My husband, Ribhi, was a 1948 refugee from Safad. I met him in 1963, just as I was entering graduate school at Bowling Green State University. He looked like Omar Sharif—the young Omar Sharif. He swept me off my feet.

Hennes hat mot Israel och judar är så påfallande att hennes tidigare styvdotter skrev följande om henne:

Having read about the incident at UCLA I must admit that I was appalled by Ms. Berlin’s behavior, but not at all surprised. I should know, she is after all my ex-stepmother…

After reading your article, I went on to research some of the links that your site provided and found it rather difficult to comprehend some of the titles that are now associated with Ms. Berlin’s name. The title of ”Peace Activist” is the one I find particularly hypocritical.

On numerous occasions I heard Greta launch the insults ”the god damned Israelis, and those F****** Jews” at the dinner table in front of my father (a Jew) and the few Israeli friends and relatives who ventured to visit. Additionally, any rational debate attempted by anyone with an opposing view to Greta’s, was immediately terminated with the responses: ”Shut up” or ”You don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.” The rebuttal usually presented in screaming form.

These comments in juxtaposition to her role as ”Peace Activist” I find hard to rectify. It prompts me to ask what should be an obvious question; ”At what point did terms of hate and bigotry become synonymous with Peace?”

I was always under the strange impression that the road to peace laid in the arms of those who were tolerant, compassionate, and vehement in their will to understand and to promote understanding. God help us all if this is the role model that we hold up as an embodiment of those ideals!

Greta Berlin då hon avbryter en paneldiskussion på UCLA. Bokstäverna 'LI' på hennes tröja kompletterades av hennes kamrater, Karin Pally och Mary Hughes Thompson, som hade bostäverna 'A' och 'R'. (liar = lögnare)

Greta Berlin då hon avbryter en paneldiskussion på UCLA. Bokstäverna 'LI' på hennes tröja kompletterades av hennes kamrater, Karin Pally och Mary Hughes Thompson, som hade bostäverna 'A' och 'R'. (liar = lögnare)

Sammanvävning av trådarna: Det som kallas ”incidenten på UCLA” kan man läsa om på Daniel Pipes blogg. Daniel Pipes och Wafa Sultan deltog den 12 april 2007 i en paneldiskussion med temat ”Totalitarian Islam’s Threat to the West”, och Greta Berlin störde denna paneldiskussion genom att skrika ”Liar, liar” (”Lögnare, lögnare”) åt Wafa Sultan.

Vad är det då Wafa Sultan ljugit om? Man kan ljuga om fakta, men åsikter kan knappast klassas som lögn, oavsett hur mycket man ogillar dem.

Men Berlin menar verkligen det hon säger. Vi talar än en gång om en härlig konspirationsteori, vilket framgår av Greta Berlins kommentar på denna blogg:

As far as Wafa Sultan is concerned, she was never on Al Jazeera but on a very clever duplicate of the program.

If you bother GOOGLING Al Jazeera, you will note that it’s AlJazeera.net. What Wafa, the quisling was on is AlJazeera.com, put out by that disgusting Joe McCarthy group called MEMRI, another organization founded and funded by the Zionists.

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