Dagens citat – del 10 (081224)

Julafton. Eller fjärde dagen på Channuka. En stor andel av Sveriges befolkning har traditionsenligt tittat på Kalle Anka och hans vänner.

En av vännerna, Musse Pigg, har framgångsrikt plagierats av Hamas TV-kanal Al-Aqsa TV. Kopian hette Farfour, och ingick i ett barnprogram med titeln Morgondagens pionjärer.

Den sista gången barnen fick roas av denna mus var 29 juni 2007, då Farfour dessvärre led martyrdöden i brutala israelers händer. Här är en del av dialogen från detta sista program (från MEMRI):

”These are the Documents Proving That the Land is Ours… Make Sure You Don’t Give up the Land, Farfour”

Farfour’s grandfather: ”I want to give you something in trust before I die, and I want you to safeguard it, Farfour.”

Farfour: ”What is it this trust I am supposed to safeguard, grandpa?”


Farfour’s grandfather: ”This land, which was [occupied] in 1948, is the land I inherited from my fathers and forefathers. I want you to protect it. It is a beautiful land, all covered in flowers and olive and palm trees. I want you to protect it, Farfour.”

Farfour: ”What is this land called, grandpa?”

Farfour’s grandfather: ”The land is called Tel Al-Rabi’. But unfortunately, the Jews called it ‘Tel Aviv’ after they occupied it.”


”I want you to safeguard this, Farfour. Keep this key with you. When the land is regained, use this key, Farfour.”

Farfour: ”This key, grandpa?”

Farfour’s grandfather: ”That’s right. And these are the documents proving that the land is ours, Farfour. I am entrusting you with this, Farfour. Make sure you don’t give up the land, Farfour.”

Farfour: ”Don’t worry, grandpa.”

Farfour’s grandfather: ”Farfour, I am very tired. I feel that I am about to die. I feel very close to the land of Tel Al-Rabi’. I hope you will protect it.”

”I Don’t Know How to Liberate This Land From the Filth of the Criminal, Plundering Jews, who Killed my Grandpa and Everybody”

Farfour: ”Yes. Grandpa… Grandpa…

”Grandpa entrusted me with this great trust, but I don’t know how to liberate this land from the filth of the criminal, plundering Jews, who killed my grandpa and everybody.”

Farfour is interrogated

Farfour: ”What do you want from me? Why have you brought me here?”

Israeli interrogator: ”Sit down, my dear Farfour.”

Farfour: ”I don’t want to.”

Interrogator: ”Sit down, Farfour.”

Farfour: ”Okay, I will sit down.

”Tell me what you want.”

Interrogator: ”We’ve heard your grandfather gave you the keys and the documents of the land.”

Farfour: ”Who told you?”

Interrogator: ”It’s none of your business who told us, Farfour. What we need…”

Farfour: ”Well, what do you want from me?”

Interrogator: ”Farfour, we want you to give us the land documents.”

Farfour: ”These are the land documents which my grandpa entrusted to me, so that I would safeguard them and use them to liberate Jerusalem. When the lands are liberated, we will go and live there. Give them to you? My grandpa didn’t tell me to give them to you.”

Interrogator: ”Farfour, we want to buy the land. We want to give you lots of money. You’ll get lots of money, and we’ll take the documents, and that’s it.”

Farfour: ”No, we’re not the kind of people who sell their land to terrorists.”

Interrogator: ”Farfour, give us the documents we want.”

Farfour: ”I’m not giving you the documents.”

Interrogator: ”Farfour!”

Farfour: ”I won’t give you the documents.”

Interrogator: ”Give us the documents, Farfour. Will you or will you not give us the documents, Farfour?”

Farfour: ”I won’t give them to criminal despicable terrorists.”

Interrogator: ”You’re calling us despicable terrorists, Farfour?”

Farfour in prison

”Farfour Was Martyred While Defending His Land, the Land of His Fathers and His Forefathers, He Was Martyred at the Hand of the Criminals”

Host, Saraa, a young girl: ”Yes, my dear children, we have lost our dearest friend, Farfour. Farfour was martyred while defending his land, the land of his fathers and his forefathers. He was martyred at the hand of the criminals, the murderers, the murderers of innocent children, who killed Iman Hijo, Muhammad Al-Dura, and many others.”


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