Konfliktens orsak

Dagens citat – del 21 (090105)

I två bloggposter har jag nu nämnt antiisraelernas ovilja att diskutera den arabisk-israeliska konfliktens orsak och ursprung. Varför vägrade araberna godkänna FNs delningsplan? Anledningen rimmar illa med talet om ”israelisk apartheid”.

Benny Morris skriver i sin bok Righteous Victims – A History of the Zionist-Arab Conflict, 1881-1999:

The view of the Jews as objects, unassertive and subservient, was to underlie to some degree both the initial weak, irresolute Ottoman and Arab responses to the gradual Zionist influx into Palestine – Why bother, the Jews could achieve nothing anyway! – and the eventual aggressive reactions, including vandalism and murder – the Jews were accursed of God and meant only harm; their lives and property were therefore forfeit. And the traditional view of the Jews as inconsequential weaklings was for decades thereafter to stoke the fires of resentment and humiliation. In the course of the twentieth century the Arabs of the Levant were repeatedly to be humbled by the Jews, and none more so than the Palestinians, ultimately transformed into a weak minority in their own land. Such slights the Muslim world found difficult to countenance; such a situation could not be allowed to endure.

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