Hamas storslagna seger i Gaza

Dagens citat – del 38 (090124)

Khaled Mashal

Khaled Mashal

Segerns sötma är ljuv för Hamas högste ledare, Khaled Mashal. Från sitt hem i Syriens huvudstad Damaskus lät han meddela i ett tal som sändes på Al-Quds TV i onsdags att:

Yes, Gaza emerged victorious. Yes, the enemy has failed, and the resistance has emerged victorious, and with it, our people and our nation have emerged victorious. Allah be praised, our victory in Gaza was greater and clearer than the false claims of the aggressors, and than the doubts cast by the collaborators, and by those who have forsaken us. Does it not suffice that the goals of the enemy have not been accomplished? It has failed on the ground, just as it has failed politically. Ultimately, after three weeks, it was forced to declare a unilateral cease-fire and withdrawal, without any agreement or terms that bind or limit the resistance.
We will bear our responsibility vis-à-vis the displaced. Allah willing, we will give you all shelter. We will compensate you with what we can, but compensation for your blood and souls you will get from Allah, in the World to Come, in Paradise.


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