Gaza för 96 år sen

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Peelkommissionen (eg. ”Palestine Royal Commission”) lade fram sin rapport 1937 och föreslog en delningsplan, vilken förkastades av araberna. I rapporten citeras en beskrivning av kustslätten från 1913:

The road leading from Gaza to the north was only a summer track suitable for transport by camels and carts […] no orange groves, orchards or vineyards were to be seen until one reached [the Jewish village of] Yabna [Yavneh]. […] Houses were all of mud. No windows were anywhere to be seen. […] The ploughs used were of wood. […] The yields were very poor. […] The sanitary conditions in the village were horrible. Schools did not exist. […] The western part, towards the sea, was almost a desert. […] The villages in this area were few and thinly populated. Many ruins of villages were scattered over the area, as owing to the prevalence of malaria, many villages were deserted by their inhabitants.

Peelkommissionens delningsförslag

Peelkommissionens delningsförslag

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