Kohandel om Gazaremsan, anno 1949

Dagens citat – del 52 (090211)

I sin självbiografi, Story of my Life, berättar Moshe Dayan om de förhandlingar som följde på Självständighetskriget 1947-9. Bland annat berättar han om (s. 108) vad Jordaniens kung Abdulla sa om Gazaremsan under de inofficiella förhandlingarna i januari 1949:

There was a passing mention of our current talks with the Egyptians in Rhodes, and the king suddenly grew rather anxious and urged us in the strongest possible terms not to give Gaza to Egypt. He himself needed it as an outlet to the Mediterranean. He had no doubt that we could come to terms on this point. The essential thing was not to allow Gaza to go to the Egyptians. ”Take it yourselves,” he said, ”give it to the devil, but don’t let Egypt have it!”

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