Palestinsk kompromissvilja

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Ilya Meyer har skrivit om palestiniernas (brist på) kompromissvilja:

I det palestinska samhället är kompromisskonsten lika raffinerad som den är enkel: ge oss vad vi vill ha.


Vem bryr sig om vad en jude anser om palestiniers kompromissvilja? Detta är vad den palestinske skribenten Tawfiq Abu Bakr skrev 2003 i den palestinska myndighetens dagstidning Al-Ayyam om historiska palestinska beslut:

They [the Zionists] sacrificed the impossible for the possible. As Ben Gurion said in 1937: ‘I want a state, any state, even if it’s the size of a tablecloth.’

Our leadership at that time enabled [the Zionists] to succeed at every opportunity through political means, with its ‘all or nothing’ policy, by rejecting every proposal for compromise, rejecting proposals to give it a state on most of the land of Palestine (since it was a period in which the Jews in Palestine were merely offered autonomy).

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